Hey Everyone,


I have myself in a difficult spot and I do not know how to ask what I need
without giving some of the back ground. It will not help me to get advice
that does not take in the full picture.


My home owner's insurance is about to be canceled. Essentially this is based
on our not keeping our home in good repair. My husband is in total denial
about it being our fault, but he is wrong. So my two questions are how do I
get insurance on a house when I have had two water damage claims in the last
year, and wat are the main things to try and get looking decent before the
inspection.  I do mean essential too. My yard is over grown and I have holes
in my walls and ceilings.


I do not know how to make my husband care enough about where we live to be
better about this. My hope is that now that the kids are all in school I
will be able to do some of these things myself. It has just become urgent
because I have got to get someone in here to inspect and approve us for new
insurance. I am sorry I am not sounding to optimistic here, but I just had
another big fight with my husband about the roof and other needed repairs. I
am feeling a little to drained to sound positive.




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