I never used a glove until one of my daughters gave me one last summer I think 
it was. I haven't yet found a decent double spatula so that hasn't yet been an 
option. The glove though really has worked well and occasionally I have thought 
it would be good to have two particularly when bringing in the racks loaded 
with hot meet from the smoker.

I don't do a lot of oven cooking, mostly leave that to Janet and she insists on 
using a towel for lifting things out, a fire hazard in my view. When I do use 
the oven I am very careful and really would prefer some of those longer forearm 
covering gloves, I do occasionally brush something hot with a forearm.

I prefer to keep the heat even so don't like to turn off or down the gas and 
that isn't really an option over charcoal.

As for locating things on the grill, it isn't really all that difficult to do 
with a fork, a spatula or a glove. Even with a glove I generally probe first 
with the spatula or fork out of habit I suppose.

Each to his own of course.

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  Their not cheap at 20 bucks each and that's not for a set either. Consumer 
  Reports they do what they say they do but it could give some folks a false 
  sense of security. The amount of time they can protect you is limited and 
  variable depending on the conditions. I use mine for taking things out of 
  the oven or toaster oven or microwave. On the grill, if it's to hot for me 
  to put my hands over it, I just turn off the burners. Once the source is 
  quelled, you can use your fingers to touch the meat and see what's going 
  on.. Example: last night I had 5 really nice pork chops on the grill. Two 
  of them were almost twice as thick as the remaining three. I suppose that's 
  because they came from two separate packages. I store them in Ziploc 
  freezer bags. My wife insists I cook to close to the forward edge. I do 
  but that way I don't have to put my hands directly over the heat. She was 
  going to turn the chops over for me as I was doing something else and put 
  the two larger chops over the burners. When I went to check to see if they 
  were finished, I didn't know she had moved the two chops and got a surprise 
  when I touched the cast-iron cooking surface. I did it real quick and did 
  not get burned. She said oh sorry! I forgot to tell you I moved the two 
  chops. I picked up my double spatchula and flipped them over to check 
  things out. They all were done and I took them off the grill with the 
  double spatchula. It's just a matter of what your use to using.


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  > try your Walmart or Kmart for ovglove, they're kevlar (spelling)
  > On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, Brice Mijares wrote:
  >> I'd use silicone gloves with individual fingers if I \could find a pair,
  >> but so far, I've only found the mitten type. This way, the gloves could 
  >> be
  >> washed in soapy water.
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  >>> Bryce writes:
  >>> "Have a pair of gloves with at least leather finger tips on them if you
  >>> plan
  >>> to cook anything in foil. this way you can use your hands to turn what
  >>> ever
  >>> in the foil."
  >>> That, Mr. Bryce, is a great idea!!! How comes I never thunk of 
  >>> that!?!?!?
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