Hello Blake,

I would use a commercial dust mop for this task. They are from 24 to 36
inches wide and will do a really good job of gathering all of the crud and
directing it to wherever it is that you want it.

Most commercial mops are electrostatic so they really do tend to collect
everything and they are not very expensive. You will need the mop itself and
the handle. The handle will probably last yo for the rest of your life.


Cy, The anasazi

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Hi all, we have hardwood flors in our house and most of the time i
just vacume it and it works out fine but sometimes i think it would be
better swept. The problem is how do you guys go about doing this in a
large room? Do you use a dust pan and sweep the stuff just towards it
around that are in grid paterns? Problem i seem to miss te dust pan
hhahaha. I know this isn't exactly a blind handy man question but i
thought maybe it would pass.

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