Not clear why it is preferable to sweep over vacuum unless there is debris too 
formidable for the vacuum however having said that, the strategy for sweeping 
would be similar to for vacuuming. You work out a pattern which will cover the 
entire area, say beginning in one corner and moving along the wall maybe 
sweeping toward the center of the room, then returning that few feet further 
into the room ultimately until you have more or less crossed the room gathering 
the dust and dirt to the final corner. Now bend over and sweep the debris 
gently into the dust pan.

Thing to remember about sweeping is that the broom will tend to raise light 
dust into the air, eventually it will resettle. 

A push broom may work better, covering a wider area and you tend not to wave it 
about as one does a corn broom so you are less likely to raise clouds of dust. 
I have a couple in the yard however I find they don't tend to get as much of 
the smaller debris as does the corn broom. Harder to get into the corners and 
such as well.

I have never much liked mopping much. A damp mop will do very well with picking 
up light dust but a dry mop tends to raise dust it doesn't catch.

When it comes to washing a floor I feel I really need to get right down onto it 
and scrub and rinse and wipe more or less dry to do a good job, a mob I really 
dislike. Loads of folk are perfectly happy washing floors with a wet mop and 
ringer though.

Dale Leavens

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porch ligh

  I can not give you advice on sweeping however, it is most definitely on 
  topic. you are seeking help on doing a task as a blind individual.


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  > Hi all, we have hardwood flors in our house and most of the time i
  > just vacume it and it works out fine but sometimes i think it would be
  > better swept. The problem is how do you guys go about doing this in a
  > large room? Do you use a dust pan and sweep the stuff just towards it
  > around that are in grid paterns? Problem i seem to miss te dust pan
  > hhahaha. I know this isn't exactly a blind handy man question but i
  > thought maybe it would pass.
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