Well, the old refrigerator that I am recycling through the pp&l program almost 
totally let me down. They are picking it up tomorrow morning. There was a 
message on my answering machine that it must be plugged in and running. It was 
running when it was moved outside so I plugged it in tonight and nothing. Here 
it tripped the gfci outlet. after resetting it did not work just kept tripping 
the outlet. Just for kicks I plugged it into an outlet from inside not gfci. 
This time the light came on but nothing else. After toying for a few minutes my 
son-in-law said hit it. I picked up one end and dropped on the porch and it 
started running. Plugged it back into the gfci and it it still works. I suspect 
that a relay was stuck tripping the gfci but not enough to short out the 
unprotected line. Anyway it is working so I will get my $35 and free removal 
tomorrow morning. It reminds me of an old Burroughs field engineer who hit the 
computer main console and it started working, his comment was that they do not 
pay me to hit it but for knowing where to hit it.
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