Hopefully they donate them to fellows like me for a beer fridge! <smicker>

How do I sign up?

At 10:12 PM 9/7/2010, you wrote:
>Hi Lenny,
>Any idea what they do with them that would make
>them require that they be working?
>Just curious, Betsy
>At 03:57 PM 9/7/2010, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >Well, the old refrigerator that I am recycling
> >through the pp&l program almost totally let me
> >down. They are picking it up tomorrow morning.
> >There was a message on my answering machine that
> >it must be plugged in and running. It was
> >running when it was moved outside so I plugged
> >it in tonight and nothing. Here it tripped the
> >gfci outlet. after resetting it did not work
> >just kept tripping the outlet. Just for kicks I
> >plugged it into an outlet from inside not gfci.
> >This time the light came on but nothing else.
> >After toying for a few minutes my son-in-law
> >said hit it. I picked up one end and dropped on
> >the porch and it started running. Plugged it
> >back into the gfci and it it still works. I
> >suspect that a relay was stuck tripping the gfci
> >but not enough to short out the unprotected
> >line. Anyway it is working so I will get my $35
> >and free removal tomorrow morning. It reminds me
> >of an old Burroughs field engineer who hit the
> >computer main console and it started working,
> >his comment was that they do not pay me to hit
> >it but for knowing where to hit it.
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