I use the motor part of my Sears shop vac. It can be unattached and is
plenty powerful enough.

Yes, I am dependent on electricity but, look at it this way, I can always
find my way to the house. (LOLLOLLOL)

This does remind me of the time I was in the lot next to our mobile home.
This was a corner lot and quite large. I always relied on traffic noise to
keep my directions but, this time, there was not one vehicle moving -
anywhere - for a good half hour. I know it seems stupid to get lost in a
mobile home park but the lots were large and one dare not wander near the
street because of the large, steep ditch. I also (stupidly) did not have a
cane and I had left my trusty dog in the house. For the life of me I can not
remember why in the world I was out there in the first place with nothing to
help me.


This is how we get into trouble.

Cy, The Anasazi


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After reading about the recent post on compasses, it reminded me how one of 
these may help when using a leaf blower. I know in the past I'd get all 
turned around when operating a leaf blower. Well, now I'm in the market for 
a new blower. Do they make them any quieter? I'd like one that you can 
carry on your back. 

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