Yes there are quieter blowers out there now. I have a Echo P.B.251 and it is
one of the newest ones that were the first to come out with noise reduction.
Also the back pack blowers are there also but are really more of a
commercial blower. I work on Chain saws and blowers and most of the time
they come into the shop they are owned by universities or apartment
complexes. They start out at a couple hundred dollars more than a
conventional blower.
Donnie Harris

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I use the motor part of my Sears shop vac. It can be unattached and is
plenty powerful enough.

Yes, I am dependent on electricity but, look at it this way, I can always
find my way to the house. (LOLLOLLOL)

This does remind me of the time I was in the lot next to our mobile home.
This was a corner lot and quite large. I always relied on traffic noise to
keep my directions but, this time, there was not one vehicle moving -
anywhere - for a good half hour. I know it seems stupid to get lost in a
mobile home park but the lots were large and one dare not wander near the
street because of the large, steep ditch. I also (stupidly) did not have a
cane and I had left my trusty dog in the house. For the life of me I can not
remember why in the world I was out there in the first place with nothing to
help me.

This is how we get into trouble.

Cy, The Anasazi

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After reading about the recent post on compasses, it reminded me how one of 
these may help when using a leaf blower. I know in the past I'd get all 
turned around when operating a leaf blower. Well, now I'm in the market for 
a new blower. Do they make them any quieter? I'd like one that you can 
carry on your back. 

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