Hi Sheryl
I hope there is a less expensive solution out there for you, but :
check with Kaptek
who makes expensive talking products for the blind, 

Omega Engineering

makes the "Omega Says" UV1000 universal voice.

This device comes with a temperature probe that, i believe goes to well over
a thousand degrees F.

It also measures electrical current and voltage and can be programmed by
connecting to a computer with different scales.
But you don't need all that.
As it comes the "thermocouple' probe, looking like a wire you plug into the
unit, will measure temperature directly.

This is about $250.00 i think. so I hope you can find something cheaper.

It speaks the readings when you push a button, or you can turn on a mode
where it repeats every few seconds.

If you don't find anything cheaper, I have more info at work and can get you
more if you need it next week.

A warning, if you buy from Omega engineering, do not under any circumstances
mention blindness! They are scared silly of blind folks and took another
talking product off the market because they didn't want to sell it to us.

There stuff is good enough, some of it is unique and otherwise unavailable
but very expensive and they are nutty and paranoid.

Tom Fowle
Smiith-Kettlewell RERC

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 08:32:27PM -1000, Sheryl Nelson wrote:
> Aloha everyone,
> I am looking for your great solutions.
> I roast coffee beans in a roasting machine that has a drum made of cast iron.
> The drum can get to around 700 degrees. The beans get to around 400 
> degrees plus depending on the darkness you want. The beans touch a 
> sensor which tells on a print display what temperature the beans are 
> at. It is critical to know the temperature of the beans which is 
> vital to the roasting process . I am looking for a talking device 
> that could read the digital temperature display or a talking 
> thermometer that has a probe that can be put in to the barrel and the 
> beans touching the probe will register the temperature of the beans. 
> I might like a wireless thermometer if one exists so I can access the 
> temperature everywhere in the wear house and do the next steps 
> required for completing the roasting process. I suggest that the 
> thermometer probe or sensor be able to tolerate temperatures up to 
> 800 degrees. Look forward to hearing from you.
> Aloha Sheryl

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