Well, Vmware fusion works fine here but an upgrade is to expensive for me.
VIrtualbox can be triggered from the console or terminal.
Paralels desktop is not accessible.

> 5 mars 2018 kl. 22:07 skrev Linux for blind general discussion 
> <blinux-list@redhat.com>:
> I would be curious to hear how you were successful in using a virtual box to 
> run any other operating system when using a screen reader to interact with 
> your machine? I have tried VMware Fusion on my Mac, Virtualbox, and Parallels 
> with absolutely no great success. Virtualbox is completely inaccessible, 
> Parallels only has a visual install process, and VMware fusion even through 
> it was able to be installed and ran I was finding that no matter what I did 
> some how the key commands I was issuing to my virtual machine acted as OS 
> commands and took me out of th virtual machine. If you were in deed able to 
> run a virtual instance of Linux on a Mac and rely on a screen reader for 
> computer interaction I would be curious as to how you got it to work. 
> I agree Voiceover does lose focus of the terminal windo pretty often but I do 
> not see much difference between issuing one command to interact with the 
> shell or to enter flat review. One thing I did like about Orca was that when 
> you issue the command in the console it begins reading from the top but just 
> as with any other screen reader once you stop the speech it just places your 
> cursor at the bottom of the output window.
> I have not used speakup before but at some point I will have to find the 
> packages to get it on my Ubuntu box. I appreciate Orca for some things but it 
> is not enough as a stand alone tool in my opinion. It would be great for 
> someone to post some configerations of their Ubuntu box which uses Orca, 
> Speakup, and whatever tools they use to make their machine the most efficient 
> for the desktop, terminal, and with speech output. Thanks
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>> On Mar 5, 2018, at 8:36 AM, Linux for blind general discussion 
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>> Hi Janina and all,
>> On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 11:21:47AM -0500, Linux for blind general discussion 
>> wrote:
>>>> 2. You said "After using a Mac for a few weeks at work I was very 
>>>> disappointed. 
>>>> Especialy the VoiceOver support in the terminal is not more then 
>>>> rudimentary compared to the things you can do with a screenreader on a 
>>>> linux system."
>>> This is my experience precisely with my Mac Airbook.
>>> In fact, while traveling with only the Airbook, I would ssh from a
>>> VMware Linux session into my Mac to do Mac terminal tasks, because of
>>> the superior screen reader support.
>> I also did it that way and installed a VM with Debian in VMware Fusion 
>> to get my tasks, that needed to be done in a terminal, done on my Mac 
>> Book Air.
>>> As noted above, braille would viciate my statement. I'm speaking of TTS
>>> only interfacing.
>> Me too. Because I learned braille when I was 15 years old, tts is much 
>> more important to me than braille. I only use braille when programming 
>> or to format text.
>> VoiceOver might have a nicer voice then speakup, espeak or other linux 
>> screenreaders, but navigating the screen is much mor difficult. Also VO 
>> very ofthen looses focus, is overloaded with much output of the console, 
>> e.g., and I have not found any settings on my Mac to make those things 
>> better.
>> Ciao,
>> Schoepp
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