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And yes, flow queueing, absolutely. Flow isolation, becomes fundamental is such a zoo, or jungle.

There was talk in IETF about a transport protocol that was proposed to do a lot of things TCP doesn't do, but still retain some things that has been useful with TCP.

I think it was this one:


I'd like to see it not over UDP, but rather as a native IP protocol. The talk was about having the network being able to look into the state machine of the protocol (MSS size, equivalent of SYN, etc) but not into payload (which would be end-to-end encrypted). It would also be able to do muxed streams/message based to avoid head-of-line-blocking because of single packet loss.

So any of this that comes up then the whole FQ machinery might benefit frmo being able to identify flows in any new protocol, but I imagine this is not a hard thing to do. I still have hopes for the flow label in IPv6 to do this job, even though it hasn't seen wide adoption so far.

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