In revisiting this old thread, in light of this,

and my test results of cake with and without ecn under big loads... I
feel as though I'm becoming a
pariah in favor of queue length management, by dropping packets! In! cake used to drop ecn marked packets at overload, I'm
seeing enormous differences in queue depth w and without ecn. (On one
test at 100mbit, 10ms queues vs 30ms), more details later.

Now, some of this is that cubic tcp is just way too aggressive and
perhaps some mods to it have arrived in the last 5 years that make it
even worse... so I'm going to go do a bit of testing with osx's
in particular. The ecn responses laid out in the original rfc were
against reno, a sawtooth, against iw2, and I also think that cwnd is
not decreasing enough nowadays in the first place.
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