Thanks, I suppose the most frustrating part was partly my own doing, not 
knowing exactly what packages I installed from Compass, it was more like… wow 
that sounds neat, let’s try that… after I bought a couple of licences for the 
complete package.

Also not knowing where to initially look was a little daunting from the CLI. I 
did stumble on the APF log as I thought I would look to /VAR/LOG to see if 
there were any system logs to show me errors etc… Years ago I would have just 
re-installed but now I am learning to take a closer look, even if it is for 
10-15 mins and see what I find.

I appreciate the tip on the developer mode, will need to look at this on the 
weekend I think, then maybe I can re-implement it if need be (as I turned it 
off in the GUI now also as well as via the shell)


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    Hi Brian,
    On 09-08-17 01:17, Fungal Style wrote:
    > OK, I have the culprit, it is APF firewall, I stopped it and now I can 
    > access the site again, the next steps now would be to find out what went 
    > wrong and why it was blocking all traffic.
    Check apf's logfile, usually in /var/log/apf_log.
    Furthermore, for testing purposes, apf has a developer mode that can be 
    enabled in the configfile, usually /etc/apf/conf.apf:
    # [Main]
    # !!! Do not leave set to (1) !!!
    # When set to enabled; 5 minute cronjob is set to stop the firewall. Set
    # this off (0) when firewall is determined to be operating as desired.
    setting devel_mode to 1 forces apf to stop (and allow all connections) 
    after 5 minutes.
    Kind regards
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