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Am Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011, 16:12:21 schrieb David Nelson:
> I do *hope* I am wrong. I hope all of the above is true.
> For the moment, I have not seen the proof. ;-)
> Don't *tell* me I'm wrong, *show* me I'm wrong. ;-)

I'm a a long time contributor to OOo and now of LibreOffice (and the TDF). I 
most of the people in the SC face to face and know the work they have done for 
and the community over a long period. Please keep cool and give things the 
time. I know that's not always easy ;-)

> > So to come back on the bylaws: we can start to implement them little by
> > little but they will only be fully enforced and implemented once we
> > have a legal entity. Before we can only lay the pillars and set up
> > whatever can be set up without interfering with the legal entity in
> > formation.
> I think that most of the bylaws can be put into practice absolutely
> independently of the existence of any legal entity. They are a moral
> form of governance and organization. Very little is keyed on any legal
> entity as such. Therefore, may I please enjoin the SC to start with
> implementation as soon as possible?

There is currently no legal entity or a legal organisation TDF. Every thing is 
in the 
course of formation. Because I know a bit about German law I can assure you 
that it 
takes a longer time (not days or a month) to establish a foundation. The SC had 
think carefully about the purpose of the foundation, because we (the community) 
to guarentee, that our goals will be served by the foundation in 10 years (or 
So please give the SC and the involved people the time that is necessary to 
a strong and appropriate foundation.

I don't think it would be a good idea to coopt some people to the foundation. 
would currently lead to an endless discussion, who should get this priviledge.

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