Dear Members,

I would like to stand for elections to the Board of Directors of The
Document Foundation.

I am Jan Holešovský, 38 years old, married, father of two girls, living
in the Czech Republic.  Many people know me under my nickname "Kendy".
I work for Collabora as Engineering Manager.

In the LibreOffice community, I currently serve in the Membership
Committee.  Regarding my contributions, I am a developer with deep love
of the user interface - hacking it, improving it, measuring it.  I am
active in the Design team, organize the calls there, and take & send
minutes to the appropriate mailing lists.  I represent the Design team
in the Engineering Steering Committee.

An important part of my involvement in LibreOffice is mentoring and
onboarding of new community members.  Every year I am a mentor of a
student or two via the Google Summer of Code.  I am also actively trying
to lower the barriers to entry for non-developers, either in the Design
team, or recently in the Documentation team too.

Should I be elected into the Board of Directors, I will resign from
the Membership committee.  Also, I recuse myself from overseeing the
elections due to conflict of interest.

That's it about me - if you need to know more, please do ask!

Full name: Jan Holešovský
Corporate affiliation: Collabora

75 words candidacy statement:

"As a long-time contributor to LibreOffice, I would like to serve in the
Board to help making decisions that support doers in their work, and
that lead to having more people involved in the project. I can offer my
experience from cross-team work: I am primarily a developer, but very
active in the Design team, and recently interested in the work of the
Documentation team too. I am deeply committed to LibreOffice and its

To answer Charles' questions:

Charles-H. Schulz píše v Po 02. 11. 2015 v 17:38 +0100:

> 1. Do you commit yourself to have enough time and the necessary 
> technological tools in order to participate to the regularly scheduled 
> board calls?


> 2. Do you commit yourself to follow up and work on (at least) the main 
> items and actions you have volunteered to oversee or that have been 
> attributed to you by the board?


> 3. What are your views on the foundation's budget? How should the money 
> be spent, besides our fixed costs?

>From my point of view, the main reason of existence of the foundation is
to support people doing (fun) stuff; ie. on top of the tools that are
necessary for the day-to-day operation, it has to offer & improve tools
that lead to more people being involved.  I think it is wise to spend
money on lowering the barriers: Like eg. developing infrastructure for
easier editing of help files, and similar. 

> 4. Should we work towards broadening our pool of contributors, both 
> technical and non-technical?


> 5. Should the Foundation -as an entity distinct from the LibreOffice 
> project or the Document Liberation project- engage into growing its 
> influence and promoting and defending Free Software and Digital Freedom? 
> It is, after all, an integral part of its mission per its very Statutes. 
> If yes, do you have ideas on what should be done about this?

As LibreOffice and Document Liberation projects grow, The Document
Foundation itself has to grow too of course.  Having said that, the
focus on _documents_ and their relation to Software and Digital Freedom
has to stay; we have it in the name, and there is no need to become a
general Free Software foundation - there already is one :-)

> 6. How do you view your (potential) role as a member of the board of 
> directors, given that this position does not give you any specific 
> functional role inside the LibreOffice or Document Liberation projects?

I suspect it will mean more of the invisible or "boring" work, like
attending more meetings, writing minutes, finding consensus between two
(or more) competing ideas, and similar.  But that is something I am used
to, and willing to do; after all, I am prepared to _serve_ in the board.

> 7. What is the biggest problem of the foundation in your opinion? What 
> is its biggest opportunity?

I don't think we have any particularly big problem at the moment from
the foundation point of view.  We just must not forget that we are still
at the beginning of the journey - there is still so much to do for the
LibreOffice growth.

All the best,

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