Dear TDF members,

please find below the required information for my self nomination for
the Membership Committee:
About my candidacy *
/I’ve been contributing to the LibreOffice community development in
Albania since 2013 and have been involved in the migration process of
the Municipality of Tirana for quite some time. As a member of the
LibOcon organizing team and after many years of contributions at a local
level I'd love to have the opportunity to help TDF from the position of
the Membership Committee where I hopefully can help on the efforts on a
macro level. /

*Personal details *
/Full name: Redon //Skikuli//
//Email address: redon@ski//
//Corporate affiliation: Collective68, a Tirana based company offering
services and a consultancy about free open source software, open data
and online privacy.//
//I'd like to inform you that if elected I will inform the Membership
Committee if any changes occur in the future related to the information
provided today. ////
Thank you,

Redon Skikuli
Open Knowledge & Open Source Software Consultant

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