Hi Michael,

        First - thanks for working on this, (and Svante too) - it looks
positive overall.

On 28/11/2018 09:40, Michael Stahl wrote:
> so i'll propose to migrate the ODF Toolkit to The Document Foundation.

        Seems like something the BoD should vote on, In general, subject to the
marketing concerns at the end, it seems like a good idea to me. I assume
there are no current contributors to be upset either way.

        From a licensing / contributor / compliance perspective - I'd expect
this to be adapted to fit with our existing policies & practice.

        Then some other random preferences that I'm not deeply wedded.

>  the obvious options are:
>    a) move the git repository to gerrit.libreoffice.org

        Sounds sensible.

> 2. the web site, in SVN (will also be changed to read-only):
>    https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/odf/site/
>    the SVN repo contains some MarkDown files that are converted to
>    presumably there should be a way to preserve the (relatively small
>    and simple) content of the repo to either Wiki markup, or something
>    that some other MarkDown-to-HTML tool can understand; volunteers are
>    certainly welcome to help with this.

        Sounds sensible - what is the scale of the problem: how many lines/tags
of markdown ?

> 3. the domain "odftoolkit.org" - this currently redirects to
>    "http://incubator.apache.org/odftoolkit/";
>    this domain would need to be transferred from ASF to TDF before it
>    expires.

        Sounds sensible, if the ASF is willing of course.

> 4. mailing list: the "odf-...@incubator.apache.org" will be retired;
>    probably the amount of traffic is going to be quite small, hence
>    suggest to just use "libreoff...@freedesktop.org" for now; if the
>    traffic increases and becomes a problem a dedicated list can be
>    set up later.

        Sounds great.

> 5. currently the ASF JIRA is used as bug tracker, with project
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ODFTOOLKIT-479?jql=project%20%3D%20ODFTOOLKIT
>    there are currently 137 issues that are neither RESOLVED nor CLOSED.
>    so there are 2 decisions to be made here:
>    a) do we want a new component in "bugs.documentfoundation.org"
>       Bugzilla,

        I'd say yes; but Xisco should make the call.

>    b) should open issues be migrated? as long as they will be accessible
>       read-only in ASF JIRA (and i don't see any reason why not), i
>       don't see much value in it, since there aren't currently
>       developers available with time to fix the issues; if anybody feels
>       strongly about their issue they can re-create/copy it over
>       manually.

        Sounds very sensible.

> another point that we should probably discuss after the migration is
> finished is whether the so-called "Simple API" should be removed from
> ODFDOM due to being duplicative and unmaintained for years.

        I like the idea of immediately sub-setting this - so if people want to
come along and resurrect the full project they can do so at Apache -
while we continue to maintain the bits that we need.

        I am slightly wary of how the LibreOffice / TDF support could be used
in a marketing context around whatever new stuff goes into odf-dom. I'm
not eager for this to become a distraction to our core mission around

        As such I think we should scope and frame this as "We are hosting and
maintaining a validation tool we use, while we use it" - rather than
creating an expectation that we're going to start a significant
evangelism effort around investing in, promoting, and improving a
Java-based ODF DOM implementation. Does that fit with your goal ?

        That may sound an odd request =) however there have been innumerable
proposals in the past by well meaning, but not terribly technically
competent people to "Re-write LibreOffice based on an ODF DOM" - and I
want to stop that (damaging) hot-air before it re-starts - it has the
potential to be quite harmful to our credibility.

        From a marketing perspective we should probably continue to emphasize
that LibreOffice has no Java dependency - and that this is not going to

        Anyhow; I support the proposal, thanks Michael - waiting for other BoD
members' input.



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