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On 08/07/2022 19:17, Cor Nouws wrote:
Hi Paolo,

I consider it a very wise decision that the list is put on moderation right away.

So you consider it wise to moderate a director without even informing him?

Why I've seen that only your emails have been released by someone but not mine which contain nothing controversial?

Is there some preferences being applied?

I guess whomever did that, has the idea that there is sufficient support for it and/or takes proper responsibility to do the right thing for TDF.

So a our chairman takes full responsibility for this behaviour which AFAIK does not include any official votes as I haven't been informed and I haven't seen any decision email in our mailing list.

It makes little sense to continue acting like little children in public.

Could you point out when you think board directors have behaved like little children in public.

And yes, I'm all for discussing it in the board carefully now first. Obviously.

So what was the point of asking the community if it would be OK to do it if it has been already done?




Paolo Vecchi wrote on 08/07/2022 19:13:

not sure if this email is going to go through as someone has decided to ask if would be OK to activate moderation on board-discuss (not sure about tdf-internal) but at the same time (about 16:10 CET) actually already enabled it.

I have not been included in the discussion within the board for some reasons even if I suspect that it is related to the CoC complaint made against me by Jeremy Allison and Simon Phipps.

Further discussion is necessary to understand if it's acceptable that moderation is being applied while being asked about it and if it is acceptable to have a director blocked on board-discuss.



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