Hi Regina,

It's still the ESC's role to resolve it, not the Board's.  All the work on
code is done by individuals, and open source projects don't get to instruct
individuals on what to do or when to do it - there is no SLA. If none of
those individuals are interested in prioritising any particular patch, the
correct next step is to raise it at the ESC, which exists expressly to
resolve differences between the individuals working on the code. TDF's
Board is not expected to intervene in the ESC's work beyond its recent
approval of ESC appointees. The request here is out-of-order.

While delays are frustrating - my own bug reports remain unfixed after a
decade - it is also very frustrating to see a contributor circumvent TDF's
well-tested processes, especially for political ends.


*Simon Phipps*
*TDF Trustee*

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