Hi Andreas, all,

Andreas Mantke wrote:
> Am 02.09.22 um 18:47 schrieb Andras Timar:
> > Just for the record, the incriminated code is used solely by the iOS
> > app (Collabora Office). Are there other iOS apps that broke because of
> > the lool->cool change? As far as I'm concerned there aren't any. It's
> > good that we discussed the issue at length, and will have a vendor
> > neutral message handler name finally. ;)
> I'd appreciate if you read my message completely. And I'd be curious if
> there is common opinion among you and your colleagues. Currently I'm a
> bit puzzled.
Let's please assume good intentions on all sides. TTBOMK, there's
indeed currently only Collabora providing binaries for iOS.

But honestly, that's all besides the point, and this entire thread is
dealing with the issue from the wrong end.

Andreas, can you please first and foremost interact with the reviewers
on gerrit? I'm convinced we can address all remaining questions there
& get a suitable change merged.

And **only** if that fails, it's justified to consume more board &
member's time here. Right now, there's purely technical matters to be


-- Thorsten

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