Hi Emiliano,

thank you for clarifying your position and for trying yet again to get some members of the board to understand that what they are doing is not only ethically wrong but very likely also against our statutes.

Last night Thorsten, Cor and Gabor declared an "interest" in relation to the "Hiring TDF developers" while derailing the current proposal and imposing a new one. There are strong indicators that what is going on could be seen as a conflict of interest and the board should start an official investigation.

What concerns me is that I haven't seen any reactions from Laszlo, Gabor, Ayhan or Gabriel in any of the other cases during this term where you reported to the board that what they were doing was deeply wrong. I hope they start realising that they should start questioning more what they are being told by Cor and Thorsten.



On 28/11/2022 22:55, Emiliano Vavassori wrote:
Hi all,

Il 27/11/22 17:41, Cor Nouws ha scritto:
Then, I've been busy recently, among others working on another proposal of course with great support from others.

Let me clarify that I did NOT take any part on the drafting of such proposal, nor I do approve or support it or even part of it.

I clearly wrote to the other directors involved to IMMEDIATELY STOP that process and that I didn't want to be involved with it.

Willfully and actively excluding *just one single* legally elected director without *any whatsoever valid reason* for this exclusion is IMHO, at the very least, highly debatable and, for sure, it does not fit my general approach on making everyone, even with different opinions than mine, engaged over non-consensual items and endeavors. In fact, I find it disgusting in a democratic setup and added I was not engaging furthermore on the topic as I was appalled by the whole behavior.

I was even asked to reconsider and be part of the group working on that proposal, basically ignoring my previous words whatsoever.

The proposal was even sent to me privately on an instant messaging platform, ignoring my words to leave me out of the entire endeavor, basically forcing me to have a look over it, even if I stated clearly I didn't want to be involved.

I am deeply saddened, frustrated and nauseated on being constantly ignored, abused, mistold and misrepresented in so many different and articulated ways, even when I'm trying to stay balanced and try hard to fulfill my role as vice-chairman by giving voice to everyone.


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