Hi all,

I stated already twice on this list that I find this form of cautionary
private emails pestering and not appropriate for an open Free Software
project. I didn't published the name of the sender because I thought, he
got the message and would change his behavior. But my assumption proofed
wrong. I got bothered again with this sort of emails with strong advise,
what I hadn't to talk about. Thus I decided that I have no choice and
had to make the sender public now: it was always Thorsten Behrens.

He is continuing ignoring that he has no permission to sent me emails in
private. He loops in also other people into his agenda. At least TDF's
employees only have a Hobson's choice how to react to that.

I personal perceive the whole actions of the sender intrusive.This is
intimidating. But that is only my personal perception as person
concerned. But the intention seemed clear to me, that he wants to shut
me up.

I'm looking forward to work with the community on an improved
environment at TDF, where an open and critical discussion will not be
censored or blocked.

I do not want to be threatened anymore by a member of the board. And it
seems also others experience similar things, which is what today's
emails from Emiliano, who is the vice chairperson, and Daniel, who is a
member of the previous board, suggest.


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