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Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 02.12.22 19:21, Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote:
> > If the ESC is an official TDF committee, where are its statutes, its
> > functioning rules and the rules of its members designation ?
> hmm i've wondered this too a while ago, i couldn't find a word in the TDF
> statutes about it :)
This is because the ESC is not one of the formal bodies (which are
indeed listed in the statutes), but a committee.

> > If it is an official TDF committee, why its mailing list is not hosted
> > by TDF ?
> due to the fact that it pre-dates the founding of TDF - it exists as long as
> the LibreOffice project - its mailing list is hosted on
The dev list ( has nothing per se to
do with the ESC. Whether it makes sense to move it to TDF is, I believe
not material to this discussion (we had William once volunteering to
do it, but somehow the project hit the old snag of whether posting
requires subscription).

The ESC decision-making happens during weekly meetings, the minutes
thereof are being hosted on TDF's etherpad instance.

And indeed, the ESC was grandfathered in (the old steering committee,
which bootstrapped itself from the group of forkers, and was something
like an inofficial board before TDF came into existence, decided to
set it up).

Further info:
* list of current board-appointed members is here:
* main wiki page:
* ESC in the org chart:
* decisions regarding official ESC member designations - search for
  esc/ESC at

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