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Paolo Vecchi wrote on 02/12/2022 16:17:

OTOH in a few lines it manages to put together what I agreed with Jan that should NOT be there and what also the legal consultation advised against.

In the below you put together various quotes to prove 'your right'.

I think that is useless, since it is _literally_ a different proposal, without the potential trouble from the initial approach.
Discussion and explanation here and on other places does show that.

You are quoting parts from a process, willing to make others believe that these apply somehow. But then when Kendy was outspoken and clear finally: I am not OK, you start fighting that statement. (Again with your selection of quotes). While if look look at the process around the abandoned proposal from some distance, you see that at many steps compromises were accepted in the hope to come to a balanced result, but that an essential element - let TDF not compete with companies contributing in the ecosystem, was pushed to a new procedure, making the result not acceptable.
That is what reads from Kendy's statements.

And that is what I saw happening in the last phase and had let to my - still standing - questions and remarks.

Most important of the quotes: you are violating rules about internal information, breaching confidentially. Stop that. (And to other readers, I hope you can understand that a 'please' is not at it's place there.)

Apart from rules, it is problematic from multiple perspectives, also making the board not a safe place to work. And when you asked on the boards mailing list to publish all the correspondence around the topic. I made clear that will only add noise, loads off horror on the list. Or do you think that complaints, piling up, on the tone, volume and style of mails are not for you?
We work on a _literally_ different proposal.

Because of my bad habit of pointing out issues and trying to fix them

You have for years denied to declare your personal and business interest in LibreOffice online. And seem to be on a crusade against some companies in the ecosystem. Maybe you can fix that?

I'm being put in a condition of not being able to perform my role of director in these matters so I have little hope that those issues will be solved.

This is factual not true.


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