I made two changes to the input template mechanism:

1) I got rid of the <number> and <file_number> elements.
The list of <file_ref>s now corresponds to the list of <file_info>s
(i.e. the first <file_ref> goes with the first <file_info>, etc.)
If you have input templates where the lists are in different orders,
you'll need to reorder them.

2) I added support for "constant input files",
listed in the input template with a <physical_name> specifying the file.
These files aren't included in the list of input files passed to create_work
or other job-submission APIs.
This supports the nanoHUB use case, where Docker layers are input files
but the job submitter doesn't know about them.

This is described here:

I've tested all the various cases, but I may have missed something.
Let me know if any problems.

-- David
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