On 08/08/17 10:29 , Christian Beer wrote:
> - a bug is found and fixed in "base" (via a pull request) maybe totally
> independent from testing the release
> - the developer who fixed the bug tells the release manager to include
> this fix into the release branch, this can not happen via a merge from
> "base" because that would also add the new features present in "base" to
> "release"
> - instead the release manager does a cherry-pick of the commit(s) that
> where added to "base" as part of the bugfix

If bug fixes happen in branches based on master, instead of using the
release branch as base (see my earlier mail), then the process should
just look like this:

- Create a fix branch based on master
- Fix the bug
- Merge the fix branch into the master branch
- Merge the fix branch into the release branch

Cherry-picking should be avoided for the reasons stated earlier.


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