Hi Oliver,

On 08/08/17 10:22, Oliver Bock wrote:
On 08/08/17 10:12 , Laurence wrote:
My comment was referring to
maintaining the release so creating the major.minor branch right after
Does that mean you want to publish a release based on (build from)
master and only then create a release branch? That would be very unusual
and I don't see the point of doing that, compared to the both ways I
described before. What's the reasoning behind that and where are the
advantages over what I described?
In theory it should not matter as both are just references to the same thing. However, there is an assumption here that the build and testing is all done by the project. For the Linux client on Fedora (and Debian), only a reference to the code in git is required. What is version major.minor.release? This needs to be a commit rather than a branch as it must be immutable and hence reproducible over time. The code is built from source and packaged using the Fedora infrastructure. It will then be put into a testing repository and only released once validated. If issues are found the build can be patched resulting in version major.minor.release-patch or the fix gets back upstream and a new version will be taken.


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