My name is Pepper Lebeck-Jobe, and I’m the lead of the native team at
Gradle. I’m contacting the steering committee regarding the recent
by Jon Kalb of the desire to migrate the Boost C++ Libraries build system
to CMake. We would love to conduct a short, 30-minute, meeting with key
developers to better understand your goals around automation and understand
if Gradle may be an even more compelling a choice than CMake for the future
of Boost.

We helped several clients migrate their native builds from a wide variety
of build tools, including CMake, to Gradle. All achieved great results, and
we would like to help Boost in a similar way. Gradle aims at not only
improving build happiness but also at improving testing, packaging, and
publishing of generated artifacts.

Who would be the right person or people to have this short meeting with?

Kind regards,
Pepper Lebeck-Jobe

The Boost Steering Committee webpage:
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