>Perhaps the patent equivalen of GPL?

>Because the answer to "why can't we apply the wiki idea to publishing
information?" was "copyrights and >licenses" until GPL became a viable
solution .. 

There is a difference.  I have an unused trade secret in my back pocket.
When I came up with it, it was a solution to an unsolved problem that was
costing millions of dollars.  I didn't patent it because it would have just
been copied.  And, unless you have millions in a war chest for legal, large
companies will sue you for scores of patent infringements for things you've
never heard of and you will lose your retirement trying to defend yourself
against these lawsuits that are not technically frivilous.  (I know someone
who was the coinventer of the first bioengineering patent and when a large
company copied the idea, they took the life savings of his coinventer who
invented the patent when he aske for royalties).

But, I still have hope that a company with a legal fund and good lawyers
will be interesting in an agreement to own my IP, so I can make money on it.

What you are asking is for millions of IP to be given away....and the people
who will use the Wiki will be large corporations who will hire engineers and
tell them "copy it."  So, why work hard to hand over your work to a big
multinational for free?

Dan M. 


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