I would like to clarify one thing that I said and to comment on something
Johnathan Mann said.

I said:
> While self respect is critical, and one shouldn't put up a false front 
> to get respect, earning the respect of those who have achieved less 
> than you can be very beneficial.  

While I didn't want to complicate my reply at the time, I do want to take
this opportunity to say that in no way was I referring to how much Jon
achieved or hasn't achieved. I was referring to John Williams attitude.  The
only reason I would want to judge Jon's success would be if it were germain
to the discussion (e.g. I'd be more inclined to believe on of the Manning
brothers when they talk football than a guy who plays touch football once a

>...is the fact that I refuse to sell out.  It would defeat the purpose of
why I run for office.  I 
>don't just talk, I do the walk.   

This raises an interesting question.  Lincoln did things like appoint
incompetent generals knowingly, because they were supported by a political
faction he needed to keep the Union going.  Is doing things like arresting
the Maryland legislature on the way to vote for secession to keep the Union
together wrong?  In other words, if one holds onto principals without
compromise, one rarely changes how things are.  Those folks who we look back
at and see as being vital to the US did make those compromises. I don't
think that was selling out, it was having a sense of balance and priorities.

Dan M.


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