Hello Daniel,

Sorry for the late response, i had some personal commitments.

Would it be feasible to flip the
> orientation of a mesh part at the moment we need it?
> How would we detect the disparity of the orientation for flipping it?

Some thoughts regarding the implementation: I would recommend to implement
> two functions in MeshConversion: AddTriangleToCache() and ProcessCache()
> (the names can differ, the "Cache" (in fact a bag of triangles) could be an
> own class as well). AddTriangleToCache() takes three points and adds them
> to a bag of triangles, maybe with some preprocessing as identifying nearby
> points. ProcessCache() performs the above described algorithm. It uses the
> bag of triangles, a list of currently unmatched edges, and maybe a list of
> more than two times used edges to do this.
> I'm a little unclear on how the 'Cache' class connects with the
'PolygonalMesh' class..

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