>> Would it be feasible to flip the orientation of a mesh part at the
moment we need it?
> How would we detect the disparity of the orientation for flipping it?

This is part of the question ;-)

>> Some thoughts regarding the implementation: I would recommend to
implement two functions in MeshConversion: AddTriangleToCache() and
ProcessCache() (the names can differ, the "Cache" (in fact a bag of
triangles) could be an own class as well). AddTriangleToCache() takes three
points and adds them to a bag of triangles, maybe with some preprocessing
as identifying nearby points. ProcessCache() performs the above described
algorithm. It uses the bag of triangles, a list of currently unmatched
edges, and maybe a list of more than two times used edges to do this.
> I'm a little unclear on how the 'Cache' class connects with the
'PolygonalMesh' class..

The cache class is very similar to the BRL-CAD BoT struct.  It serves as an
intermediate structure which will be filled from the original BoT and
emptied into the DCEL.  When the DCEL is set up and ready for use the
"cache" is empty and we don't need it any more.  It helps to track the
triangles while filling the DCEL.

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