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>I really hope I can get this sorted before Friday next week, it's
>Saturday here right now.  I'm going on a bit of a fun journey for 2
>days (from Friday to Saturday) and need the apex to connect to my
>tablet.  Thanks for everyone's help.

I think I need to be the bearer of bad news, this time. I don't think brltty 
has ever been tried with a VoiceNote before, but, since you're referring to it 
as an Apex, I'll assume that it works like a BrailleNote Apex. I'm also 
assuming that you're wanting to connect it via Bluetooth. This is where the 
problem is.

I think the older BrailleNote's (i.e. not the newer BrailleNote Touch models) 
are the only ones that can't be used via Bluetooth with brltty. This is because 
they use an ancient protocol based on ActiveSync that brltty doesn't support. 

I might've actually tried to add support for it but was never able to have one 
of those models right here with me so that I could work with it.

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