Hi all:

My name is Charlie Smith, and I live in New Zealand.  For
assistive technology, I have a VoiceNote apex bt from HumanWare.
I also have a Lenovo Tb8504F, a 8,9 inch android tablet.  My
questions are:

1. How do you configure Brailletty to recognize a Voicenote (part of
the braillenote line of products)?;

2.  When configuring Brailletty on my lenovo tablet, I get the
following error dialog:
"Detected problems with native app libraries (see log for detail)
libbrlttybbnddso: text relocations".  This error continues for at
least 11 lines.

Could someone please assist me with this?
From what I've heard, Brailletty definitely is a great configuration
platform for braille display usage.

Thanks for assisting the VI community in enhancing their
day-to-day usage of their braille displays.

Yours sincerely:

Charlie Smith

Sent from my VoiceNote Apex Bt, running KeySoft version 9,5,0
build 1280.
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