I'm using brltty in arch linux wich is installed in virtual box on windows 7.
It's works fine except that brltty terminates unexpectedly with
approximately 4 minute intervals.
Evrything looks fine in the log file with log-level set to ALL.
The last line can for instance be:
date@time [speech-driver] speech: sending speech message: speech finnished
Before i started brltty again i typed:
$ vim /tmp/brltty.log
So I can read the old log file, it'll be overridden when i start brltty again.
Opened a new terminal.
$ sudo killall brltty
brlttyƖ no process found
$ sudo brltty

As seen of the output from the killall command, brltty seems to been
compleately terminated for some reason.
Does anyone has any idea or suggestion what the problem it may be.
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