Dear developers,
I Am running Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition X 64 version 1709 build 16299.371. Unfortunately, Brltty for Windows service is not able to detect console Window. So Braille display display message no foreground window. No matter if I use older cmd.exe or modern Windows Power shell. I have even tried to remove Windows power shell by using add and remove programs control panel applet. I have though, that this will enable Me to use Brltty service in Windows console. My motivation is to be able to control internal Brltty functions such as dot pressure strength. But because Brltty service can not detect console window, I Am helpless. I can send you a log generated by Brltty but it do not contain information related to console window detection.

Any advices are welcomed.
I would even try to run Brltty service from some GW based IDE to debug more, but I Am not so smart to prepare compilation environment for Windows. Since latest Cygwin do not want to cooperate with apt-cyg module. I have grabbed The module from Github, since link for getting it on The Brltty WEB article do not worked for me. cygwin accepted module by using modprobe, but I AM getting bugs while trying to run install command related to some setup .ini files.
Any help will be very welcomed.
I would not bother with console window detection, but I want to try internal Brltty functions controllable by using keys on Braille device.

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