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>You need to specify braille-device and braille-driver for serial displays.
>So you would want to do something like
>brltty -b <drivercode> -d /dev/ttyS0
>brltty -b <drivercode> -d /dev/ttyUSB0
>for serial to  USB converters.

The Power Braille uses the TSI driver, so: -b ts

We removed serial port probing a long time ago because we decided that it was 
dangerous. A completely safe probe for a known serial braille device could 
damage some other device that the user may happen to also have connected. 
That's why, for serial devices, both the device and the driver should be 
expicitly specified. Strictly speaking, only the device needs to be because, if 
it's specified then brltty will probe it for known braille devices. Really, 
though, the safest thing to do is to specify both.

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