Hi All,

I am supporting hindi language with brltty. Earlier english was supported.

The problem is when a hindi character (example 'स' - unicode 0x938) needs
to be sent from brltty to some other application, the brltty is not
recognising it as a valid character and not sending it.

Code snippet:
enqueueCommand(BRL_CMD_BLK(PASSCHAR) | wideBuffer[0] );
Here in brltty.log I got:
[brltty] command: 002938 (unknown command: 002938)

I have also tried with:
enqueueCommand(BRL_CMD_BLK(PASSKEY) |  wideBuffer[0] );
Here in brltty.log I got-
[brltty] command: 002938 (unknown command: 002938)

If wideBuffer[0] is an english character like 's', then it is working.

If wideBuffer[0]  is an english character 's', then, in brltty.log, I get:
[brltty] command: 002173 (PASSCHAR: type unicode character [U+0073])

It recognised the english character 's' as a unicode character with value
So, I expect that for the hindi character I should also get similar message
[brltty] command: 0021938 (PASSCHAR: type unicode character [U+0938])
But I am not getting it.

Any help will be appreciated.

Syed Waris
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