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> Yeah, I think that’s generally how it would be also.  Though, maybe
> since the default behavior of the “install” command is to
> automatically do a subsequent “load” it makes sense to automatically
> do loads after “unbundle” as well.

What would that do for updates? Say I've unloaded a package, but I'm
still updating it? That shouldn't enable it, so would it do that
implicit "load" only on first install?

> I think bro-pkg currently works fine even if you don’t have a local Bro 
> installation?

I was thinking that it needs bro-config. Is that only for "autoconfig"
to set up the right paths? If so, then maybe we can add an option to
"autoconfig" to setup (and create) local paths for this
working-without-a-Bro mode?


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