In Apusul avansat, azi se revine la importanta transportului pe calea ferata, acordandu-i-se prioritate la investitii... Numai la noi CFR este in ruina...ceeace provoaca mari pagube transportului de marfa - comertului, precum si deplasarii economico-turistice a oamenilor...

On 7/16/2010 7:38 AM, J C wrote:
The Spanish Government is also betting for rail as the transport of the future. Air and land routes are extremely congested in Europe, and do contaminate more than the railway transport.

Planned for 2014, Madrid should be linked with high speed trains, with all the main cities in the periphery of the Iberian Peninsula. And Lisbon will be connected with Madrid. A peripheral High Speed Train (kind of circle line) will be built in the peninsula. Plans are now "on hold" due to the deficit control measures, that are very tough in this country.
But we will see these works finished, if not in 2014, 3 or 4 years later.

In my view, Europe should bet for the train.
France, Germany, Italy and few other European countries have already a good railway system.

El 15/07/2010, a las 22:47, M escribió:

    In a startling turnaround, the French government now plans to
    spend the vast majority of its 170 billion euro transport budget
    over the next 20-30 years on modes other than road and air travel,
    with the majority going to rail.

    Source: Le Moniteur

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