On 2019/11/09 04:49, Robert Elz wrote:
> There's also
>       The special characters '.', '*', '[', and '\\'
>       (<period>, <asterisk>, <left-square-bracket>, and <backslash>,
>       respectively) shall lose their special meaning within a bracket
>       expression.
Is this really what the standard says, because '\\' is not a character, but
2 characters.  They could use "\\" but if a backslash is between single
quotes, it loses its special meaning.  The only way to get a backslash
when using single quotes that I've found is to end the single-quote
then use the backslash.  So if you wanted to insert single quotes in
a string that is single-quoted, you would have to do this:

'this is a single-quote(SQ) quoted string using a SQ ('\'') within
the single quote.' 

Alternatively using double-quotes or another quoting
mechanism might be preferable.

I find it odd that the standard would try to use a backslash within
a SQ'd string as a literalizer.

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