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Since ARMv8.2-A, we introduced new pseduo instruction "BFC [Wd/Xd], LSB, WIDTH"
as an alias of "BFI [Wd|Xd], [WZR/XZR], LSB, WIDTH".

And if the bit source operand if WZR/XZR, BFC is the preferred disassembly

Now, AArch64 GAS do support "bfc w26, #7, #22", but you need to specify
-march=armv8.2-a (There are discussions for whether we should also support
"BFC" in GAS in pre-8.2 architecture

Meanwhile for those "BFI [Wd|Xd], [WZR/XZR], LSB, WIDTH" in pre-8.2 binary, the
latest disassembler will print "BFC" for them.

Thanks for reporting this, I actually noticed the encoding for the new AArch64
BFC pseudo is wrong, fixed by above commit.

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