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            Summary|Cannot use gold linker      |free pascal requires INSERT
                   |together with free pascal   |AFTER linker script command
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--- Comment #1 from Cary Coutant <ccoutant at gmail dot com> ---
Sorry, the gold linker does not support the use of a linker script to
supplement the default script, and consequently does not support INSERT
AFTER|BEFORE. Gold does not use a default linker script, so this is unlikely to
be supported in the near future.

We could, however, incorporate the .fpcdata and .threadvar sections into gold's
built-in section handling logic without too much difficulty. The rest of your
script, without the SECTIONS clause and the INSERT AFTER command, should work
without issue. Whether the work is worthwhile or not will probably depend on
whether the Free Pascal project would want to deal with the differences between
the two linkers.

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