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The master branch has been updated by Nick Clifton <>:;h=24d3e51bf0612c6cf5e9a824b982e7ed38e741c8

commit 24d3e51bf0612c6cf5e9a824b982e7ed38e741c8
Author: Nick Clifton <>
Date:   Tue Aug 8 13:20:02 2017 +0100

    Fix address violation problems when parsing corrupt ELF binaries.

        PR 21916
        * elf-attrs.c (_bfd_elf_parse_attributes): Complain about very
        small section lengths.
        * elf.c (_bfd_elf_setup_sections): Skip empty entries in the group
        (elfcore_grok_freebsd_prstatus): Add checks to make sure that
        there is enough data present in the note.

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