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Hi Pierre,

  Right - this was a fun one. The reason why qsort is triggering the abort
  is because it is mapped onto the qsort_r function.  This function allocates
  its own region of memory to contain a copy of the pointer array that is
  going to be sorted.  Naturally when the sort is finished, the sorted array
  is copied back over the real array, and the copy is freed.

  The interesting thing here is that nothing has gone wrong in qsort_r.  The
  memory was corrupted much earlier, but the corruption is only detected when
  qsort_r calls free().  If you compile the assembler with address sanitization
  enabled then the memory corruption is detected where it actually occurs.

  Now the bug itself is in the assembler's processing of mach-o indirect
  symbols.  The assembler creates an internal array to hold pointers to these
  symbols, but the array is not big enough.  Unfortunately I am not a mach-o 
  expert, so I do not know whether the array size computation is wrong, or
  else the detection of indirect symbols is wrong.  So as a workaround for
  the problem I have updated to the code so that it allocates an array big
  enough to hold every symbol.  This is probably overkill, but it should be

  I am currently running some local tests on the patch, and assuming that
  everything is OK, I will check it in shortly.


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