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--- Comment #6 from Matthias Klose <doko at debian dot org> ---
systemd on aarch64 configured with efi support fails with a similar relocation

ld -o src/boot/efi/ -T /usr/lib/ -shared
-Bsymbolic -nostdlib -znocombreloc -L /usr/lib /usr/lib/crt0-efi-aarch64.o
--defsym=EFI_SUBSYSTEM=0xa src/boot/efi/disk.c.o src/boot/efi/graphics.c.o
src/boot/efi/measure.c.o src/boot/efi/pe.c.o src/boot/efi/util.c.o
src/boot/efi/boot.c.o src/boot/efi/console.c.o src/boot/efi/shim.c.o -lefi
-lgnuefi /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/7/libgcc.a
ld: /usr/lib/crt0-efi-aarch64.o: relocation R_AARCH64_ABS16 against
`EFI_SUBSYSTEM' can not be used when making a shared object

complete build log at

Related to:

2017-12-13  Renlin Li  <>

        * elfnn-aarch64.c (elfNN_aarch64_check_relocs): Disallow
        BFD_RELOC_AARCH64_16 in shared object const section. Disallow
        BFD_RELOC_AARCH64_32 in shared object const section under LP64.

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