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The master branch has been updated by Jim Wilson <>:;h=7f02625eb48105e100d2da58091d56978ed041ef

commit 7f02625eb48105e100d2da58091d56978ed041ef
Author: Jim Wilson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 2 12:43:09 2018 -0800

    RISC-V: Fix --wrap and relaxation conflict.

        PR ld/22756
        * elfnn-riscv.c (riscv_relax_delete_bytes): New parameter link_info.
        If link_info->wrap_hash, check for a duplicate symbol and ignore.
        (_bfd_riscv_relax_call, bfd_riscv_relax_lui, _bfd_riscv_relax_tls_le):
        Pass new argument to riscv_relax_delete_bytes.
        (_bfd_riscv_relax_align, _bfd_riscv_relax_delete): Likewise.  Remove
        ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from link_info parameter.

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