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The master branch has been updated by Nick Clifton <>:;h=212b9bc7b4cfa7702005928dc3bffb3ba3a6e19a

commit 212b9bc7b4cfa7702005928dc3bffb3ba3a6e19a
Author: Nick Clifton <>
Date:   Tue Jun 12 13:22:24 2018 +0100

    Fix the PR22983 test so that it will work regardless of the order of the
symbols in the dynamic symbol table.

    See email thread starting here for more details:

        PR 22983
        * testsuite/ld-plugin/lto.exp: Use individual tests to check for
        the presence of each expected symbol.
        * testsuite/ld-plugin/pr22983.1.d: New file.
        * testsuite/ld-plugin/pr22983.2.d: New file.
        * testsuite/ld-plugin/pr22983.3.d: New file.
        * testsuite/ld-plugin/pr22983.4.d: New file.

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