--- Comment #11 from Pekka Seppänen <pexu at sourceware dot> ---
Oh my... I completely forgot the --plugin part and how it participates with ar.
 This is my bad, sorry :(  Indeed the resulting (thin) archive is a bit
different whether or not --plugin is there, namely how archive0__object1 is
mapped in this case.  So, in a sense that assertation is simply a red herring.

There could be yet another way of triggering this same problem, again, due to
not properly using --plugin when creating an archive with object files compiled
using -flto and inline assembly.  I originally stubled upon this as I have a
few locations that require naked functions when forwarding calls between
different rings.  For AArch64 GCC does unfortunately support those, so I simply
had a similar inline shims;  Those do not actually reference any symbols but
are referenced within the same library.

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