> On 9 Apr 2018, at 19:19, Frank Heckenbach <f.heckenb...@fh-soft.de> wrote:
> Hans Åberg wrote:
> You should apply the patch in /usr/share/bison (or your respective
> Bison data directory), not in your build directory (where a stack.hh
> exists, but is different, being generated from the stack.hh
> template, so the patch fails; and location.cc won't exist, instead
> position.hh and location.hh are generated from it).
> So, try this:
> cd /usr/share/bison
> sudo patch < /path/to/extra-header-prefix.diff
> cd /your/source/dir
> rm -f stack.hh position.hh location.hh
> make clean
> make

I wouldn't do that for two reasons: screwing up the installation, and security 
reasons - one should do the changes while not root, and copy them to the 
installation location.

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